Saturday, April 15, 2006

R Ferris - Artist Statement

A limiting of the extraneous, a focusing into one aspect of everyday stimuli, informs the work to reveal transcendent material. The discipline of the camera lens and the editing of days into hours into minutes—the compression and manipulation of experience—to create and potentize the simulacra I create.

Informed by Buddhist experience and spiritual mysticism I navigate among the everyday routines, deadlines and responsibilities to capture momentary revelations. For example, the noticing of a thistle at the side of the road—its simplicity, beauty and ordinariness—reveals an opportunity for reflection and celebration.

By highlighting, focusing, distorting, isolating and juxtaposing moving images + audio I find release and expression of feelings. To labor with the sacrosanct, to scoop up the primordial and shape it, to play with the sacred, this is what I am interested in sharing.


R Ferris


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