Friday, May 06, 2011

R Ferris - Artist Statement

I happened upon a Tom Marioni Salon at SFMOMA in early 2009. Who would have dreamed that an august art museum would sponsor an evening of beer drinking & talking and call it art?

Connections were made. Art was distilled, torn apart and birthed. I was changed. It had as much effect on my artistic vision as any other experience that I had ever had.

My interest in participations was urged to grow. Exploring the disintermediation of artist and viewer. Throwing both into a joint experience of art creation. Cutting out the middle man; cutting out the art object.

May we engage.


R Ferris
Rick Ferris

*Participation Art – an art form where the active participation of those in attendance is both integral & required, and the work cannot exist without it; where an “audience” is impossible; and where one emerges, changed by the experience.

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