Friday, May 06, 2011

R Ferris – C.V.


St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio (MBA)
Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio (Cont.Ed.)

2004 - Chosen for Nesnadny + Schwartz Visiting Critics Program (MOCA Cleveland) studio visit by Dominic Molon, Associate Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

2005 – Artist Review Today, Nov/Dec Issue, Featured Artist
2006 –, 3.15.06, Gallery Ü-Haul "don’t look back: site-specific works"

• Gallery U, Buddha Project with Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio
• Gallery U, Cleveland, Ohio (one-person show)
• subdivision (one person show and participation), ARTcade, Cleveland, Ohio
• the lab at b side, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
• Playing with the Light Within (collaboration with Karen van de Vliet & Alexis Marie Savon), Gallery U, Cleveland, Ohio
• “don’t look back: site-specific works”, Gallery Ü-Haul, Cleveland, Ohio
• Arts Collinwood, Annual Juried Members’ Show, Cleveland, Ohio
• Asterisk Gallery, (Tremont) Cleveland, Ohio, triumvirate 3-person group show
• Vision Art Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, Paradigm Shift
• Brandt Gallery, (Tremont) Cleveland, Ohio, At The Cellular Level
• The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio, After the Pedestal, an exhibition juried by Paola Morsiani, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art. “Full Moon over Hot Springs” – a participation involving the hospitality of bread & wine, coupled with the ancient communion of the hot springs under the full moon.
• Zygote Press, Cleveland, Ohio, WIP Exhibition. “Live Chat NonArt Art” – the dynamic stripping of technology to reveal the mystery of being present
• Asterisk Gallery at the Ingenuity Fest, Cleveland, Ohio, Asterisk@Ingenuity. Participation Conversation –after “The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art” ~ Tom Marioni
• Berlin, Germany – “VolksArt at the Waschcafé” – based upon the social architecture ideas of Joseph Beuys, combines social intervention, hospitality & the everyday to create a new interaction.
• Berlin, Germay – “Free Store Beer Piece” - the drop off of new, virgin goods with a near universal value, especially a commodity associated with good times in group, to a “free store”.
• Berlin, Germany – “Convivium Berlin, a small start” - To continue a rich history of meeting, sharing alcoholic beverage & bread: from sitting around a fire several thousand years ago, to the great banquets of learning and friendship started by Marsilio Ficino’s Conviviums of the 15th Century in Florence and carrying on to the art “Happenings” of the 1960s!
• Convivium Kirtland, the longest (almost) night – organized around the ancient winter solstice observation
• “Drinking Beer [& breaking bread] with Friends”, homage to Tom Marioni - “Live Video” presented at "Referential – Homage, Montage, Sabotage" curated by Cynthia Penter Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
• “Tea & Chat: touching” – inviting participation in the ancient ritual of everyday tea drinking combined with in-person chat, where the result may be a verbal and/or energetic touching. Presented at Zygote Press, WIP session.
• “Crockpot Convivium – CLE”, to continue a rich history of gathering, sharing conversation, food & beverage. We will share our own “21st Century Expressions of the Second Sex” as we prepare our meals and serve each other in this glorious domestic dining ritual presented at Josaphat Arts Hall & Convivium33 Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

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